5 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are responsible for the smooth and effortless functioning of the door. They tend to last a long time. They are the best working mechanism in your home, until the day they refuse to work. Here are the top 5 reasons that it is time to replace the garage door opener.

Safety Reversal – Protecting the Family

garage door safety reversible

Garage door openers must be equipped with a safety reversing mechanism. It involves two sensors on both sides of the door. This feature doesn’t let your door fall upon any object, such as a child or pet. The sensors create a light beam while the door is closing, if it senses any object in the path, the door immediately stops and reverses. Make sure your opener has this feature, otherwise install a new garage door opener as soon as possible.

Noisy Opener


Does your opener make too much noise that even disturbs your neighbors? Or are your family members awaken when you get home late at night? If so, you surely require a quieter opener. There are belt drive or jackshaft openers available that are quieter than chain drive opener.

Better Security

Modern garage door openers offer a wide range of features such as rolling code technology. This technology eliminates the chances of ‘code grabbers’ to access your garage by stealing your door opener remote code. This latest door remote provides you with literally billions of possible code combinations that makes your opener even more secure.

No Outside Keypad


In traditional garage door models there were features like manual operation and no keypad control. These days, keypads are mounted outside the door that makes it easy to access. You can program the keypad and store a code to operate the door.

Battery Backup


During a power outage you are unable to operate the garage door opener. These days, garage door openers are accompanied by battery backup system that helps when you lose electrical power. The batter will charge automatically once the power is back. This makes it easy for your family members to use the opener and the door easily wherever they need.

Garage door opener is one of the important component of a garage door. Make sure you pay due heed to all the above mentioned factors. If you want to see your door working reliably for years to come, then make sure you have a modern and updated garage door opener.