3 Tests to Check Working of a Garage Door System


An automatic garage door system needs to operate properly at every moment to ensure effective functioning and safety. A door that opens and closes perfectly can provide its owner with better accessibility and comfort. Therefore, an automated garage door is regarded more convenient to use as compared to manually opening doors. If this system broke down or doesn’t operate correctly, then there is a need to contact an emergency garage door professional immediately to get it repaired. Few basic tests can help a homeowner to find whether a garage door is operating as desired or not.

In order to make sure if the automatic opening system is running smoothly, some tests needs to be performed that include:

Visual Test

As the name suggests, it’s an inspection test in which every element of a door, whether small or large is inspected. Carefully examine the springs, cables, bolts and rollers from the inner side of a closed garage to avoid any failures before beginning the motion test. The actual things you need to find are damaged or cracked cables and loose mountings. If everything is found to be fine, then open and close it for few times, just to watch and listen the moving parts. If an unfamiliar sound or a shaking element is noticed, there is need to schedule an inspection again to find the actual culprit for the nuisance.

Balance Test

If the overhead door is able to pass the above test, then move towards the second test that involves testing its overall balance. In order to perform this test, release a door from its automatic opening system to operate it manually. It should offer little resistance while opening and should not close until it is allowed to. If a door isn’t operating in this manner, then it is doubted to be unbalanced and requires professional garage repair.

Photo Eye Test

In this testing mechanism, an invisible beam is shot across the path of a garage door, usually at some distance off the ground, to detect if there are any foreign objects in its closing path. If a disturbance is detected, it will alert the system and the door will reverse its direction to open up. Test the automatic system by closing the door and then wave an object into the path of the photo eye light. If an overhead door reverses its direction, then it indicates that the photo eye is working well. If this doesn’t happen, then its sure there is a defect with the system and it needs to be examined by a door repair expert.

Though an overhead door repair professional is a best option to get a door inspected and repaired efficiently, but these simple tests can offer an idea related to well functioning of a system.

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