Top 7 Reasons to Replace A Garage Door

garage door replacement

Garage door is an important factor that can increase the curb appeal of a home. From design to color, an attractive and beautiful door is necessary to increase the value of a property. Installing a new overhead door can offer enhanced and pleasing looks. In addition, it also provides more safety and security. For few homeowners, replacement is an option for increasing resale value while for others it’s a need.

Reasons that point towards door replacement are:

1. Redecorate

One of the major reason responsible for installing a new door is to redecorate the looks of a home. This can be done by choosing a unique color or style. To offer cheap and effective changes, add windows and repaint the entire garage.

2. Raising Property Value

A beautifully designed garage door helps a lot in boosting the value of a property. It offers a solid and pleasing impression on its buyers and visitors. This results in a spectacular rise in the resale price of a home.

3. Repair

Another important factor responsible for changing a door is to avoid frequent repair costs. If you owe a sagged and bowed garage door that’s difficult to open and close, replacing it is a good option. This will help in avoiding frequent repair costs.

4. Reduce Energy Bills

An insulated garage door plays a significant role in reducing the cost of energy bills. Insulation helps in maintaining convenient temperature inside the garage, that helps in reducing the need of an air conditioner.

5. Reduce Maintenance

A newly installed overhead door requires less maintenance compared to an older one. If one needs a maintenance free door, its crucial to replace it every 5-6 years.

6. Raise the Level of Safety

With recent advancements, new garage doors come will pre installed features such as photo eyes. These photoelectric eyes prevent an automatic opener from closing the door, in case, there’s any underlying obstruction. This feature provides safety from injuries and protection against the damaged door.

7. Reinforce Home Security

Today’s residential garage doors come with increased security and durability. They are strong enough to prevent a break in. For stress-free nights, save your home from thieves by installing a heavy and strong security shutter.

Though one can easily replace a garage door with little help, calling professionals can really pay off. We are reputed garage door company in Richmond Hill offering maintenance, installation, and repair services for both residential and commercial overhead garage doors at reasonable costs.