5 Garage Door Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

Garage door styles and designs keep on changing from time to time. You need to keep your garage updated to give it a modern styled look. An outdated garage looks disgusting and awkward. Various garage door trends come and go. Its not easy to change your garage door with every trend that comes as they are quite expensive to get them replaced every year. If you are heading towards installing a new door then you should definitely go with the one which is trending recently.

Garage door trends that are ruling 2017 are:

1. Larger Doors


The phrase “bigger is better” is true for garage doors. Most homeowners prefer to have a larger garage door to make the space incredibly functional for easy vehicle entry. Moreover, your garage door reflects your style as it is one of the most noticed feature of your home. A bigger garage door provides a deception of more area within your home. You need to hire garage door repair professionals as they can provide easy installation solutions.

2. Larger Windows


The other popular trend is installing large windows into your garage doors. Along with larger doors, larger windows too provides an appealing look. These additional windows tend to increase the natural lighting in the garage, and they give the door an open look that makes your garage look even more bigger. Adding large windows can cut your electricity bills as you wont feel the need of artificial overhead lights.

3. Faux Wood


As wooden doors offer a sense of elegance to your home, same goes for the garage door. Faux wood is a perfect solution for garage doors. Many garage door companies manufactures both steel and fiberglass garage doors that looks exactly like wood. The steel material in those doors create a durable structure, while wood offers a soft and fine finish to your garage’s creativity.

4. Painting


Most people, can’t afford to remodel their garage according to ruling trends. There is an easy way to offer a pleasant look to your garage i.e just by painting the garage and door with a new color. This year homeowners are using bolder paint colors rather than the neutral ones. Choose a color that reflects your home’s design uniquely. Select something that can make your garage out-stand other garages in your neighborhood.

5. Unique Styles


Instead of copying a door style of your friend’s garage door, do something which can itself become a trend. Some of the most popular garage door styles include carriage design, contemporary, farmhouse, French or Spanish styles. You can consider remodeling these styles with your own innovative ideas to present your garage door with a unique look. Professional garage door repair services can help you remodel your garage door into a new one.

These were the few ruling garage door trends of 2017. You can offer a new look to your garage by following these trends. Richmondhillgaragedoors.com offers top garage door services through their trained professionals. Contact us today.

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