4 Smart Benefits Of Installing Insulated Garage Doors

insulated garage door installation

A garage is a much needed space that offers lot more uses, than just parking and protecting a vehicle. It can be effectively utilized for storing heavy to lightweight tools and equipments that are seldom used. If you have installed an insulated garage door, you can enjoy many additional benefits including reduced electricity bills.

It often becomes difficult to operate a garage door in winters, as a harsh breeze from the inside of the garage seeps out every time the door is opened. To prevent this frustrating experience, its advised to opt for insulated garage door installation. By choosing to install such opening, one can maintain a perfect room temperature, along with reduced energy costs.

Few benefits that can be enjoyed with insulated doors are:

1. Noise Reduction

Though it may sound strange, a door made of insulated material can greatly prevent the external sounds from reaching inside the garage. This means you can perform any job, without being disturbed by the outside noises. Insulation makes an overhead door more capable of restricting the sounds popping inside, thereby offering a peaceful garage.

2. Protects Your Vehicle

Most possibly, in harsh temperatures, a vehicle can become excessively too hot or cold. If your car is parked inside a cold garage for more than 12 hours, its engine will suffer badly and it will take more time to warm up. In contrast, if it is parked in an insulated garage, the temperature will remain maintained and the engine won’t find it difficult to start.

3. Reduce The Bills

The worthiest benefit offered by an insulated door is that it can greatly cut down the costs of the energy bills. If you are looking to install a cost effective opening, then insulated one is the ideal choice. It highly helps in keeping the heat and cold outside the garage, thereby, making your HVAC unit work with less load.

4. Increase Resale Value

A garage door in good condition can greatly help in improving the curb appeal and the resale value of a home. Buyers always prefer purchasing a property that have insulated doors to enjoy many additional perks, including the energy efficiency and space utilization.

These were the few benefits that can be enjoyed by installing garage doors made of insulated material. Need help to install a new garage door, contact Richmond Hill Garage Door Experts for free consultation.


5 Garage Door Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

Garage door styles and designs keep on changing from time to time. You need to keep your garage updated to give it a modern styled look. An outdated garage looks disgusting and awkward. Various garage door trends come and go. Its not easy to change your garage door with every trend that comes as they are quite expensive to get them replaced every year. If you are heading towards installing a new door then you should definitely go with the one which is trending recently.

Garage door trends that are ruling 2017 are:

1. Larger Doors


The phrase “bigger is better” is true for garage doors. Most homeowners prefer to have a larger garage door to make the space incredibly functional for easy vehicle entry. Moreover, your garage door reflects your style as it is one of the most noticed feature of your home. A bigger garage door provides a deception of more area within your home. You need to hire garage door repair professionals as they can provide easy installation solutions.

2. Larger Windows


The other popular trend is installing large windows into your garage doors. Along with larger doors, larger windows too provides an appealing look. These additional windows tend to increase the natural lighting in the garage, and they give the door an open look that makes your garage look even more bigger. Adding large windows can cut your electricity bills as you wont feel the need of artificial overhead lights.

3. Faux Wood


As wooden doors offer a sense of elegance to your home, same goes for the garage door. Faux wood is a perfect solution for garage doors. Many garage door companies manufactures both steel and fiberglass garage doors that looks exactly like wood. The steel material in those doors create a durable structure, while wood offers a soft and fine finish to your garage’s creativity.

4. Painting


Most people, can’t afford to remodel their garage according to ruling trends. There is an easy way to offer a pleasant look to your garage i.e just by painting the garage and door with a new color. This year homeowners are using bolder paint colors rather than the neutral ones. Choose a color that reflects your home’s design uniquely. Select something that can make your garage out-stand other garages in your neighborhood.

5. Unique Styles


Instead of copying a door style of your friend’s garage door, do something which can itself become a trend. Some of the most popular garage door styles include carriage design, contemporary, farmhouse, French or Spanish styles. You can consider remodeling these styles with your own innovative ideas to present your garage door with a unique look. Professional garage door repair services can help you remodel your garage door into a new one.

These were the few ruling garage door trends of 2017. You can offer a new look to your garage by following these trends. Richmondhillgaragedoors.com offers top garage door services through their trained professionals. Contact us today.

Top 7 Reasons to Replace A Garage Door

garage door replacement

Garage door is an important factor that can increase the curb appeal of a home. From design to color, an attractive and beautiful door is necessary to increase the value of a property. Installing a new overhead door can offer enhanced and pleasing looks. In addition, it also provides more safety and security. For few homeowners, replacement is an option for increasing resale value while for others it’s a need.

Reasons that point towards door replacement are:

1. Redecorate

One of the major reason responsible for installing a new door is to redecorate the looks of a home. This can be done by choosing a unique color or style. To offer cheap and effective changes, add windows and repaint the entire garage.

2. Raising Property Value

A beautifully designed garage door helps a lot in boosting the value of a property. It offers a solid and pleasing impression on its buyers and visitors. This results in a spectacular rise in the resale price of a home.

3. Repair

Another important factor responsible for changing a door is to avoid frequent repair costs. If you owe a sagged and bowed garage door that’s difficult to open and close, replacing it is a good option. This will help in avoiding frequent repair costs.

4. Reduce Energy Bills

An insulated garage door plays a significant role in reducing the cost of energy bills. Insulation helps in maintaining convenient temperature inside the garage, that helps in reducing the need of an air conditioner.

5. Reduce Maintenance

A newly installed overhead door requires less maintenance compared to an older one. If one needs a maintenance free door, its crucial to replace it every 5-6 years.

6. Raise the Level of Safety

With recent advancements, new garage doors come will pre installed features such as photo eyes. These photoelectric eyes prevent an automatic opener from closing the door, in case, there’s any underlying obstruction. This feature provides safety from injuries and protection against the damaged door.

7. Reinforce Home Security

Today’s residential garage doors come with increased security and durability. They are strong enough to prevent a break in. For stress-free nights, save your home from thieves by installing a heavy and strong security shutter.

Though one can easily replace a garage door with little help, calling professionals can really pay off. We are reputed garage door company in Richmond Hill offering maintenance, installation, and repair services for both residential and commercial overhead garage doors at reasonable costs.

Top Reasons to Buy a New Garage Door

Garage Door Installation

A new garage door installation offers many enhanced features to a garage and home. Along with looks and appeals, it also increases safety and security level. It will be a good choice to go through all the door materials and categories before choosing one to install.

Modern garage doors are more strong and durable compared to older ones, therefore they should be given a try to enjoy high end functionalities.

Advantages of investing in a new garage door:


A garage is an integral part of every home that serves variety of purposes such as a workshop, parking lot, gym, office and others. For few homeowners, it’s an extra room that stores all the extra stuff or simply acts as a store. Due to its increased use, it’s important to insulate a garage that can be easily reached by installing an insulated overhead door. One can hire garage door technicians to insulate an old door, in case it’s in a good condition.


An old door is often too easy to break through due to poor locks. The doors which were manufactured many years ago, lacked the modernized features of a locking system. More often, the door material tend to degrade with time which makes it easy for burglars to tear inside. Almost all new garage doors come with guaranteed security, which ultimately leads to peace of mind. Out of all available varieties, sectional doors offer the highest level of security, especially if they are double skinned.

Height and Width

New garage doors are designed and manufactured in such a way, that reduces the space and area previously needed for opening and closing mechanisms. Another reason for replacing the old doors is the need of a more longer and wider opening. Most possibly, a new roller shutter or sectional garage door can serve the purpose in a better way. These doors don’t swing through the opening, thereby, offers the most effective drive in through dimensions.

Ease of Use

All old doors wear out with time and have a tired operating mechanism, that is quite difficult to operate and risks safety of a vehicle and its owner. The only solution is to install an automatic or electric garage door that doesn’t require manual force to operate. The convenience offered by these doors is incomparable.

Improved Looks

A major factor responsible for replacing this giant opener is improving the curb appeal of a home. A new shutter door can make a dramatic impact as garage doors are the largest part and one of the first thing that people view while they visit your home. Timber and coloured steel over doors are the most common one to create a long time impression.

These were the few outlines that new garage doors offer in comparison to the older ones.